glxblt.com opened!

So, it is finally done. Welcome to my brand spanking new website! Here I will host an archive of everything I’ve released under the alias ‘glxblt’. All of my tracks are already on-line, and all of the demoscene productions I’ve been a part of are viewable & downloadable along with the soundtracks. The mixes-page is still under construction, as it’ll take some time upload my DJ-mixes (and to write the tracklists) but there’s already something to listen to. I might even record a new mix later just to celebrate this grand opening..

In the future, I will also be using this site as a blog of sorts, journaling what’s hip & happening in my world. Strictly related to music & demoscene though – You’ll have to stick with Reddit for funny cat pictures. I might also write a tutorial or a few, mostly targeted for advanced producers, showcasing all the dirty tricks I use to come up with my sound and shattering my so-called reputation forever.

So, I hope you’ll find this site something more than a waste of bandwidth! I will be pushing the updates through my (also brand new) Facebook stalker fan page, so if you use that service it just might be the most convenient way of staying up to date. (There’s also an RSS feed but it’s apparently dead. I’ll try to CPR it back to life later and will plaster the pretty orange icon all over the site.)

Finally, if you’ve found a bug or got any comments or suggestions (or just want to say hi), write it to the comments below or use the form at the contact-page. I have no life, so I will probably answer in the matter of minutes.


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