Greetings from Avignon, France! Here’s a track.

I just returned back home from a trip to France, where I visited Avignon for the MAiN Splash 2012 demo-/poolparty. As a demoparty should, they had a music competition so I had to make something.

The track placed 3rd in the competition, which I’m quite happy with considering how I had to rush finishing it during the last few hours before leaving home. The feeling that giving it more time could’ve made it a much better tune admittedly is present, but if I’d listen the voices in my head telling me that kind of stuff I would never be able to finish anything. But, without further explaining, here’s the track:

glxblt – Heartbreaker[audio:/streaming/glxblt_-_heartbreaker-128k.mp3]

[320kbit download]

I’d love to rant you more about the trip & the party but you’re in luck, I’m too tired to do that right now. Also, frankly, I still haven’t finished piecing together all the hazy memories myself..

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