Evoke 2013 is over! Here’s my track.

Last weekend a party called Evoke 2013 was held in Cologne, Germany. Like every year since 2008, I attended, and boy oh boy was it a treat! I think I’m ready to finally accept that it is the best demoparty out there. Not the largest, just BEST.

The night before leaving for Germany I decided that I need an entry if I want to party with good conscience. So, after a 12-hour night shift that ended at 6AM, without sleeping, I fired up FL Studio and started working on an old 30-second project file that was just gathering dust. Five hours later, I had a finished tune:

glxblt – Noise Complaint[audio:/streaming/glxblt_-_noise_complaint-128k.mp3]

[320kbit download]

It’s a glitchy breakbeat thing which was tons of fun to make and doesn’t sound as rushed as it actually was, so I’m pretty happy with it! The MP3/OGG competition was really packed with quality stuff, and I placed 6th – Looking at the score however, it was really, really tight.

This is a track that I think I have unfinished business with, so in the future I might release an extended version of it. Maybe even an EP of older tunes remade & polished for DJing purposes..

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