Kindergarden 2013: Jævla awesome!

About a week ago, I visited the sunny Norway for a demoparty called Kindergarden 2013 and it was long overdue, damnit! I’d been planning to visit KG for many years but something had always come up that shot down those plans. This time I was booked to play a DJ set, so I cleared the date well in advance and thus my first trip to Norway finally became reality. And a swell trip it was!

You see, Kindergarden is a rare breed: It’s one of those parties that doesn’t do Internet or video streams for sofasceners or convenient locations nearby city centres with 5-star hotels and Michelin restaurants. Oh no. You fly to Oslo, jump into a train and sit in it until you reach Haga railway station. From there, it’s a ~500m walk on the road side to the party place, which is a some kind of former daycare/community center smack-dab in the middle of nowhere.

And that’s what makes it so great! It has that cozy small party feel which is getting quite rare in the 21st century. There’s nobody leaving the partyplace to hit the bars, you sleep on the floor like you used to do in the 90’s and there’s even a motherfucking GABBER COMPETITION. (Which, to be honest, I can hardly remember due to the intoxication.)

Unfortunately entry-wise I went to the party empty-handed, so I have no GABBA to offer you. Instead, I butchered an old unused demo soundtrack as a last-minute entry to the dance music compo, even though it’s not that “dance-y”, resulting in placing #9 in the competition. Oh well, at least I got to hear the track from the redonkulously huge PA system they had there.. Anyhow:

glxblt – Optigan[audio:/streaming/glxblt_-_optigan-128k.mp3]

[320kbit download]

So, I think this wraps up the year 2013 for me regarding demoparties. Next up in 2014: Payback!

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