The First Vortex Demoparty, the first track of 2016..

Tampere demoparties are back in the form of a brand new demoparty called Vortex! Held in a cozy 3-floor venue the feel of the party was very intimate and homely. How many people were there? “80” was thrown around a lot, but I don’t have the exact numbers.

Vortex 2016 in short: The ambulance was only called once (Damones), the sauna was hot (most of the time) and I had a great time! There were some great releases too, but holy shit, the releases from X Party were shown on the big screen and that kind of stole my attention. Amazing stuff. I need to buy a C64.

Anyway, I released a track which ended up #2 in the music compo! This whole time since 2015 I’ve been crafting this masterful Err, this track was completed in 8 hours the night before the demoparty. I was having a break at 4AM and idly browsing Reddit, when I stumbled upon the “ASMR” scene (Google it if you must). I was deeply confused after a few Youtube videos.. but more so when I bumped into these videos of “Virtual ASMR Girlfriends”. WTF. This is so cyberpunk. Video vixens confessing their unending love to you ad nauseam, simulating closeness by stuffing the microphone right onto their faces.. I so had to sample that. (For the record, I apparently don’t get the “ASMR” tingles. So if my track does it to somebody thanks to the samples, all the better, I guess.. :D)

glxblt – Virtual Girlfriend Experience[audio:/streaming/glxblt_-_virtual_girlfriend_experience-128k.mp3]

[320kbit download]

So, that odd thing is my first track for 2016. It’s already November. *sigh* Well, I felt the I MADE THIS -effect and I liked it, so maybe I’ll create something again soon!

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