On this site, I will list all the demoscene productions I’ve been a part of.

“The demoscene is a computer art subculture that specializes in producing demos, which are non-interactive audio-visual presentations that run in real-time on a computer. The main goal of a demo is to show off programming, artistic, and musical skills.”

-Wikipedia (See the whole article)

Click on the pictures to view the videos!

ScreenshotUnique – Singularities

My first collaboration with Unique resulted in this Amiga demo for Revision 2017. It won the Amiga Demo Competition! Space thingz.

[Amiga executable (compo version)] [Soundtrack: glxblt – Singularities] []

ScreenshotTraction – Optigan

My third contribution to a Traction Amiga demo.. This is turning into a thing. A thing I like, however! Placed #1 at Finnish Amiga Party 2014.

Note: The downloadable track differs very slightly from the edited demo version. So little in fact, that I can’t be arsed to upload it separately. If you need it for something, contact me.

[Amiga executable] [Soundtrack: glxblt – Optigan] []

ScreenshotTraction – Swookie

My second Amiga soundtrack for Traction. Breakbeat and bass, keep it simple stupid! Placed 3rd at Finnish Amiga Party 2013.

[Amiga executable] [Soundtrack: glxblt – Swookie] []

ScreenshotBrainstorm – The Tabernacle

Preacher asked for a demo soundtrack, I threw an old sketch project MP3 at him and ran like hell. Result: #5 at Function 2013!

[Windows executable] []

ScreenshotTraction – Past is Prologue

The first Amiga demo by Traction! I provided the soundtrack, stretching my jungle/drumfunk muscles a bit. Placed #1 in the Stream 2012 Low End demo competition.

[Windows executable] [Amiga .LHA] [Soundtrack: glxblt – Photograph] []

ScreenshotMFX – Armed Response

Very quick production made with MFX for The Alternative Party 2011 Dynamic Demo competition. Placed #1. (Though it was the only contender, ha! :)

[Download executable] [Soundtrack: glxblt – Armed Response] []

ScreenshotTraction & Hedelmae – Slamdown

A browser demo made for Mozilla’s Flame Party Helsinki 2011. I was requested to create some edgy dubstep and all went better than expected. :) Placed #1 in the competition.

[Download executable] [Online version (runs in your browser!)] [Soundtrack: glxblt – Slamdown] []

ScreenshotTraction – 618

A demo called 618 by Traction. I made the soundtrack, some deep house for a change of pace! Participated in the Stream 2011 High-End Demo Competition and placed #1.

[Download executable] [Soundtrack: glxblt – 618 (Untitled Soundtrack)] []

ScreenshotKewlers – MF Real

I made the soundtrack for this demo by Kewlers. It placed 1st at the Stream 2010 demo party.

[Download executable] [Soundtrack: glxblt – Auto Mate] []

screenshotMFX – Everything is Under Control (The Breakpoint 2009 Invitation)

I made the soundtrack for this invitation by MFX. It invited people to BP 2009 quite successfully.

[Download executable] [Soundtrack: glxblt – Supermutant] []