Site fixed, updated, current state of affairs

So, I finally got around to fixing this thing! Content has been brought up-to-speed and the design got a (conservative) overhaul. I also re-enabled some of the previously broken features, such as post comments. (Also, I’ve learned that cool shell scripts to backup your website don’t work very well if you don’t run them.)

Well, what’s up with me then? It’s going to be a busy spring once again. Revision 2015 is coming up, of course, and in addition to that, the infamous Simulaatio party is making a long overdue comeback, which I’m helping to organize!

Musically I’ve been suffering a bit of a drought. Lack of time and parties to attend has caused me to go on an uncomfortably long hiatus. Weirdly enough, the upside is that I’ve somewhat forgotten how to make music, and it’s very inspiring to relearn things as it gives me a chance to mix up my routines and try out new things.

So stay tuned for fresh sounds, because it’s 2015 and I’m active.


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